What You Need to Provide

Space- To start Face Painting, I will need an area large enough for a table and at least two chairs, which you should provide.

Activities- Facepainting is done one at a time. Most designs take 3-5 minutes. It is best to plan another activity that allows children to pop in and out as their turn arrives. Some children like to sit and watch but others get very excited and get tired of waiting quickly.

Supervision- It helps if someone is available to keep an eye on the children, including deciding the order to be painted. The artist needs to concentrate on the painting in order to do a good job.

Paints- All the paints I use are water based. They wash off easily with soap and water They are non-toxic and made specifically for use on the skin. These paints dry within 5 minutes. If the skin moistens again { Perspiration or rain } the paint can smear and come off.